Marketing Agency vs. Hiring In-House [Infographic]

You know the drill: a growing brand outsources its marketing to a team of agency experts to scale the business. The results are fantastic and revenues grow, allowing the brand to expand into more digital channels to completely own their customer experience. The brand couldn’t be happier with the agency’s performance.

But all too often, there comes a day when the agency gets The Call – that is, the super happy client calls to say “Thanks for everything, but we’re taking our marketing in house.” Why? Because they think they’re “supposed to.”

In reality, taking things in-house isn’t always the best option for brands. Here’s why:

Not only will it cost that brand more to build out a team of in-house marketers, but it will disconnect from the agency’s hive mind – an entire staff of experts with their finger on the pulse of new trends and technology, constantly working to find creative solutions to challenges many brands don’t have the resources to navigate (like how to market a CBD brand despite advertising restrictions on major platforms).

An agency’s experience, tools, collective knowledge, ability to analyze data and access to preferential features and support through key platform partnerships are all nearly impossible for in-house marketing teams to replicate. Losing even a single one of these elements can be detrimental to any company’s success.

The bottom line? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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